P5.0 Rocky River RPO Methodology : Please send any public comment regarding the P5.0 Rocky River RPO Methodology to admin@rockyriverrpo.orgThere will be a 14-day comment period ending with a public hearing on:

Thursday, March 15, 2018 at 6pm:  Locust Town Hall, Huneycutt Room-186 Ray Kennedy Dr, Locust, NC 28097

The methodology will be used to assign local priority (via points) to  transportation projects for the NCDOT Strategic Transportation Investment (STI).  STI is the process in which transportation projects recieve funding in North Carolina.  


P5.0 Adopted and Submitted RRRPO Projects for NCDOT.


P5.0-Scoring-Approved by BOT 6-29-17

P5.0 Scoring for All Modes